Our Story

Creating a quality product from a widely under-utilised fibre while treating sore tired feet to some love, is the catalyst to the Woolfi story. Our founder, Fiona McIlraith (Fi) originates from a high-country farm in the South Island, so knows first-hand how underused New Zealand strong wool is. New Zealand produces over 100,000 tonne of strong wool per year, yet these days it is costing farmers to shear their sheep. Woolfi has taken it upon themselves to do their part to remedy this.

To hero wool in its natural form and use it to spread luxury to feet all around the world. Through research Woolfi has found the ancient art of Nepalese felting to be the key in producing our refined wool slippers. Their good weave certified processes and fair-trade methods made the choice incomparable. All slippers are designed in New Zealand and handmade by Nepalese Artisans in Nepal before being transported back to New Zealand.

Our toes have been underwhelmed for long enough with bulky, old-fashioned, and short-lived slippers. Nature called and we listened with both feet, creating slippers that bring joy to our toes and lives.

Choose sustainable materials for a better planet. Choose Woolfi.

Our Materials

Why wool?

Luxury, comfort, and natural materials go hand in hand. Woolfi has chosen New Zealand strong wool for not only these attributes but for the following to keep your toes cosy in winter and cool in summer. 

  • Durable

    New Zealand wool is known for its durability around the world, partly to do with New Zealand’s sustainable farming practices, and the use of less chemicals. A single strand of wool can bend 20,000 times and not be damaged, this is why wool products last for years. Wool can breathe – naturally repels odours, can absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture and reacts to changes in the body’s temperature – yet keeps its durability intact time and again. 

  • Sustainable 

    Formed of keratin, wool is 100% biodegradable. Renewable annually, wool is removed from the animal carefully each year. At the end of life, wool biodegrades into the soil, leaving no trace. Research indicates that wool can also biodegrade in salt water – a huge environmental plus. 

  • Luxurious

    To be wrapped in wool is to be comforted by natural softness, thermal comfort and sustainable luxury. Wool radiates luxury allowing the skin to breath, the temperature to regulate, the wearer to feel comfort like never before. Where there’s Woolfi there’s love.

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